Geist: McCarthy’s Life Had To Be Threatened for Him to Recognize Biden as President-Elect

‘We’re not going to give money to Republican Party that supports...the reinstatement of Jim Crow laws when it comes to voting’


GEIST: “Let’s be real clear about Kevin McCarthy. He put out a statement last Friday, so six days ago, for the first time recognizing Joe Biden as the President-Elect on January 8th or 9th, something like that. The 8th he put out that statement. He has been feeding the very lies that he condemned yesterday. That the President was partly to blame. That his rhetoric needed to be cooled down. Kevin McCarthy is on Fox News nearly every day the last two months talking about how this was stolen, the fight is not over, that there were voting irregularities. He was at the forefront of pushing that. So, I think you’re right to be wise to follow the money. When you see campaign coffers begin to dry up, when corporate sponsors say, ‘We don’t want any part of this. We don’t want to be associated with this,’ and the fact that it took an assault on the Capitol where his life, Kevin McCarthy’s life, Mike Pence’s life, Nancy Pelosi’s life, the life of everyone in that building were threatened, it took that for him to finally recognize that Joe Biden is, in fact, the President-Elect.”

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