‘Fox and Friends’: Big Tech Shutting Down President Trump ‘Is Flat Out Evil’

Steve Doocy: ‘However, it’s very clear that Twitter wanted to make sure that Donald Trump was not reelected’


DOOCY: "Well, let’s see what happens going forward. You know, Parler was born a couple of years ago as an answer to Twitter. Will somebody be able to build the infrastructure from top to bottom so you do not rely on these third-party vendors who might pull the plug? They could do that and have a complete unit, but then you are beholden to Apple and to Google, which both operate the app stores. And if you do not have that app store gizmo right there, the emoji where you push it and you add it to your phone, how would you be able to do it? Because effectively, that is how big tech, these monster monopolies are able to be the gatekeepers to you."
KILMEADE: "Or you go to Google and Google is also in on it, too. These competitors collude together in order to stop just about anyone. And if they can stop the president entirely, if the president wanted to use the POTUS account they stopped his Twitter. If he goes to use Dan Scavino's, if it’s from the president, they freeze it. That is flat out evil."

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