Kilmeade: Biden Mostly Talks About Unity, Except When He’s Calling Republicans Nazis

‘You just didn’t think that there would be violence with a Trump group’


KILMEADE: "I just think that if Joe Biden really wants people to believe that he wants America together and America united, which is a theme he has been talking about for the most part when he is not calling Republicans Nazis. But when he is out there talking, he talks about bringing us together. That's going to be his inaugural address. Here is an opportunity. 'I called Nancy Pelosi this morning and I said we would like to end this here. I made it clear to Mitch McConnell and Senator Schumer, 'I understand your point, I understand your outrage, but it’s really important to get my Cabinet nominees put in place and confirmed.' I think it’s really important for me to get together on another stimulus package and find a way to open up the country.' Because now those Democratic governors and mayors that were determined not to open up the country because it was too dangerous because of the virus, now realize, 'I have a Democratic president. Now I can open the country.'”

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