AP’s Lemire: Trump ‘Deeply Concerned About Civil Cases He Could Face’ After Leaving the WH

‘He believes [impeachment] is an effort to prevent him from making money and staying relevant’


LEMIRE: "Yeah. There’s no question, what’s fueled the President's about-face here is exactly that. According to our reporting, he is deeply concerned about the civil cases he could face after leaving the White House, that he could be held responsible for inciting that violence. He is deeply worried about that. And that is what's led to his shift in tone from when we have heard from him. And of course, any time we start to talk about the President’s tone, it’s only a matter of time. We can report that last night the President was talking to advisers wondering if that was the right decision, if he had gone too far with his video because he didn’t want to alienate his supporters who have been marching on his behalf."

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