Friedman: Fox News Hosts Are Knuckleheads; Dems Should Dial Down on Cancel Culture

‘It’s nothing but All-Star wrestling with those guys’


FRIEDMAN: "Look, as I said in that piece, some things are true even if Donald Trump believes them. And he didn’t win 71 million votes just because they’re all QAnon supporters. He touched people. He found a gut connection. And there are things Democrats can do, I think, that will make it easier for principled Republicans, however few they are, to really collaborate in the best sense of that word with Biden. Stop talking about defunding the police, okay? It’s not only a bad idea, it’s just a terrible message. Talk about better policing, all right? Stop talking about democratic socialism. Talk about inclusive, just capitalism. Talk about not just re-dividing the pie, but talk about growing the pie. And we have to dial down the cancel culture, political correctness in newsrooms and college campuses. It’s out of control and Trump fed off that. It doesn’t remotely compare to the cancel culture we saw last week with an entire party trying to cancel an election, but it is destructive, I believe, for broadening the Democratic base and popularity in the country. So there are things Democrats can do, too, that I think are good policy and good politics."

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