Tom Friedman: The Republican Party Is Ripe for Fracture

‘I can’t think of anything more important right now’


FRIEDMAN: “So because it had the control of the Senate and control of the White House, Republicans could tell themselves this lie: 'I wouldn’t let Trump babysit my kids or coach my kids' Little League team, but I love what he did on taxes or what he did for Israel or what he did for any number of issues.' He doesn’t have that power anymore. The Senate Republicans don’t have that power anymore. So I think this party is ripe for fracture. I can’t think of anything more important right now, Brian, than that this party fracture between what I call principled Republicans, people like Mitt Romney, Lisa Murkowski, and the unprincipled ones. Because this is now Trump’s party. And as long as it is Trump’s power, it must be kept out of power. That is the lesson of the last two weeks. And I think the best way to keep it from being in power is if the principled Republicans create their own Lincoln Project, Lincoln Party, whatever they want to call it, center-right faction, independents, and be ready to work with Biden to kind of consolidate a center-right/center-left coalition, and leave the rump of the Republican Party out in the wilderness. There’s no better way than to cure the madness of a political party than to keep it out of power for a while."

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