Hayes: Republicans Who Say ‘Don’t Anger the Mob By Punishing Its Leader’ Are Self-Serving

‘They know what the right thing is, they don’t want to do it’


HAYES: "You’re inciting violence because you’re punishing the violent mob incited by the President. And if you do that, well, then, you get — it happens, right? Don’t anger the mob by punishing its leader, or else. And I want to be clear here, when you hear some Republicans are too scared to do the right thing, I think some of it is pretty self-serving, right? Some of it is an excuse for not doing the right thing. They know what the right thing is, they don’t want to do it. But it’s not crazy. I mean, it is the case. And I can tell you this, this is true,. When a person is targeted by the President, when you’re targeted by the President on Twitter, your security situation becomes immediately serious. It’s true for lawmakers from Mike Pence to Ilhan Omar, it's true for people in the media, it’s true for anyone that Trump singles out for criticism. Dr. Anthony Fauci has worked in this government for five decades and he used to be the kind of person who would walk down the street and not need a bodyguard. Those days are gone.”

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