FBN’s Kennedy: AOC Is as Illiterate as the Conservative She Blasts For Engaging in a Different Point of View

‘It is an incredibly slippery and dangerous slope to have congress regulating the media environment... ‘


KENNEDY: “Last year alone, China put 47 journalists in the hoosegow, and Apple Daily founder Jimmy Lai faces an ominous fate for writing a critical op-ed in 'The Wall Street Journal' and attending an unlawful assembly in 2017. He will go to trial in April. But the commies find his media literacy questionable at best, so they may AOC him to jail for good. It is an incredibly slippery and dangerous slope to have Congress regulating the media environment and free speech. And Congresswoman Ocasio-Cortez has been known to Pinocchio a few whoppers of her own, blatantly lying on Twitter and in interviews. So what punishment would she issue herself? With her penchant for fibbery, she is as illiterate as the conservative she blasts for daring to engage in a different point of view.”

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