Pete Hegseth: The Dems, Media Want Trumpism Gone, Not Just the President

‘They are broadening it on purpose and that’s the scary part’


HEGSETH: “The vast majority of the people there were there because they love this President, appreciate what he’s done for this nation and have nothing to do with violence. They are highly educated. They are patriotic. They believe in first principles of this country and what they know they're not going to get from Joe Biden and from this moment is unity. So they're told to shut up and sit down. You’re all a bunch of racists. In fact, worse than racists. You're white supremacists and you're probably domestic terrorists too. And the president that you love, he’s actually Osama bin Laden. Eric Swalwell said the same thing, by the way, his Chinese problems seems to have gone away, now he's an impeachment manager as well. He made the same comparison. So now Trump supporters are looking around and saying our president is Osama bin Laden and I’m a domestic terrorist? And now they control — I know we're going to talk later on the show — the social media arms of our country to suppress me, investigate me, and then indict me? Whether I was there or not. Jesse, they're broadening it on purpose and that is the scary part. They want Trumpism gone, not just the President."

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