CNN’s Tapper: I Don’t Know if There’s a ‘Political Exorcist,’ but Republicans Need to Fix Their Party

‘They need to do something to fix the Republican Party, to get this demon out’


TAPPER: "Marjorie Taylor Greene, the crazy congresswoman from Georgia, who's anti-Semitic, and supports QAnon and said that a plane didn’t hit the Pentagon on 9/11, she actually tweeted during this, a week after the terrorist attack, that Democrats are the enemy of the people. I think it’s — I don’t know if there’s such a job as a political exorcist, but they need to do something to fix the Republican Party to get this demon out. Jamie Gangel, a big question now, I think, for the Republican Party is what happens to Donald Trump? There has never been a president this disgraced before in the history of this republic, not Nixon, not Johnson — Andrew Johnson — no one. What happens now?"

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