Boehner Slams Clinton, State Department for ‘Prolonging’ Benghazi Investigation

‘American people deserve the truth about what really happened’

“On the issue of Benghazi and the work of the select committee, Secretary Clinton said, ‘it is the fact that we have released all of the emails that have any government relationship whatsoever.’ That just isn’t true. She said that Sidney Blumenthal, ‘sent me unsolicited emails.’ That’s not true either. And Secretary Clinton said, ‘there was no subpoena’ regarding her email. That isn’t true either. All these facts were uncovered by the Benghazi Select Committee, and they were uncovered despite the efforts of Secretary Clinton and the State Department to delay, derail, and stop this fact-finding investigation. As Chairman Gowdy said this week, Secretary Clinton had a statutory duty to preserve these records from her time in office. She had a legal duty to cooperate and tell the truth with congressional investigators requesting her records going back to 2012. Four Americans lost their lives in this terrorist attack, and the American people deserve the truth about what really happened. Secretary Clinton and the State Department are prolonging this investigation. They need to stop dragging this out, they need to start cooperating, and step up document production so we can get all the facts. Frankly, that’s not too much to ask.”

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