Sen. Markey: Trump, Hawley Trying to Perpetrate ‘Fraud’

‘It is just an extension of what Trump is trying to perpetrate as a fraud on the American people’

MARKEY: "Well, again, this is just an extension of what Donald Trump is trying to perpetrate as a fraud on the American people, and that is that there is any question as to the legitimacy, the constitutional legitimacy of the election of Joe Biden. There is no evidence. There is no basis for any questioning of Joe Biden as our next president. So this is just a part of Donald Trump’s absolutely irresponsible effort to cast a cloud over the Biden presidency when there is no evidence whatsoever to do so, and this will be just the next step, but probably not the last step, which Donald Trump and his allies will use in order to try to undermine the Biden administration and to perhaps set up Donald Trump to run once again for president in 2024.”

(h/t Breitbart)

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