Congressman’s Barking Dog Interrupts CNN Appearance Discussing Covid Relief Bill: ‘She’s Very Excited the Bill Was Signed’

‘I’m glad this bill got signed’


REED: “Recognize Rosie is excited. That’s Josh’s dog in the background. What we’re so proud of in the problem solvers caucus is, we’re 50 members strong and we have our eight to ten members in the Senate that we are working with on a regular basis. What we try to do is we’re practical. We are proud Republicans. We are proud Democrats. We try to find common ground. It’s going to be difficult, to be honest with you, to get that increased $1,400. We are talking — that’s approximately, if I did the math correct, that’s about another 350 to $400 billion of additional money that needs to be found somewhere, that’s going to have to be accounted for. I’m glad this bill got signed. I will do my part, as I indicated to the president, that I would support his request for $1,400 additional stimulus. As Josh said, he and I agree on that additional relief. Getting 218 and 60 takes a lot of work. We will do our part. I promise you that. At the end of the day, that’s going to be a tall order to crack, especially in the United States Senate. Think we will get it through the house. In the Senate, it will be difficult in my humble opinion.”

(Via Mediaite)

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