Fox Panel’s Terrell, Lisa Boothe Blast Calif. Governor Newsom, Back Recall Effort

‘The worst governor is now, Newsom’

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TERRELL: "Well, let me be clear. Let me be very clear. Number one, the worst mayor is de Blasio. We’ve got the number two worst in Garcetti. Number one, the worst governor is now Newsom. He is subject to a recall. He has single-handedly embarrassed himself by going in that French winery, shut down all the businesses, Jason, where there was no science to prove that outdoor eating. And there is a recall, and I have just tweeted that I will support a recall of Newsom if we could find a Trump Republican to run against him in the recall."


BOOTHE: "And many of them are hypocrites, too. We’ve seen countless examples of these so-called leaders who aren’t even following their own guidelines that they're setting for everyone else. And there needs to be some level of accountability with these people. This recall effort needs to gain steam, people need to get behind because Gavin Newsom has to feel the pain that he has inflicted on so many Californians, whether it’s small businesses and restaurants he has shut down for no reason when the science doesn’t back down shutting down things like indoor dining or even outdoor dining for these people who are suffering, or forcing people to be in isolation and stay by themselves when we're seeing depression rates and suicide rates spike in this country. These people need to be held accountable.”

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