Steve Hilton: Lost Court Cases Does Not Prove that the Election Was Perfect

‘Bill Barr said there was no widespread fraud before he even looked’


HILTON: “We were warned that changes like this would lead to more fraud and more error, not least by the Democrats' own elder statesman Jimmy Carter, and the warnings were especially stark in the event of a close election. Well, the election was close, 43000 votes in three states. And according to Andy McCarthy in the 'National Review,' you can take 10,000 off that because the Wisconsin margin was half as much as reported. So, 30,000 votes in a country of over 300 million. The elites keep pointing to lost court cases as proof the election was perfect. Bill Barr said there was no widespread fraud before he even looked. Chris Krebs, the cyber guy, keeps saying it was the safest election ever, but that’s like the security guard at the hospital telling you how great the brain surgeon is. The constitutionality of electoral changes, the validity of ballot harvesting, the merits of signature matching — none of that has editing to do Chris Krebs. His job was running the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency in DHS. And oh, on his watch we had the biggest ever cyber security attack and the worst ever assault on our infrastructure security. So, frankly, I don’t think we need to hear from Chris Krebs on the election or anything else.”

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