Dem Sen. Warner Hits Bernie, Rep. Omar for Criticizing Covid Deal: ‘They Never Negotiated Any Deal’ that Has Been Successful

‘These are folks who never negotiated any deal that I think has ever been successful’


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SANDERS: “So if you’re asking me do I think that this bill was well negotiated, I don’t. There should have been a lot more money in it than there currently is.”
OMAR: “It’s really quite shameful that we find ourselves negotiating a deal with such a small amount of money.”
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JACKSON: “You were very involved, of course, senator, in the negotiations. How do you respond with that?”
WARNER: “I say, these are folks who never negotiated any deal that I think has ever been successful. We’re dealing with a Senate that is still unfortunately controlled by the Republicans. We still have Donald Trump as president, controlling two-thirds in a sense of the federal government, the executive and the Senate, and the alternative would have been to have people get kicked off of unemployment, get kicked out of their apartments, not get the food assistance needed.”

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