Michael Flynn: Eric Swalwell Should Have Been Investigated

‘This is dangerous stuff’


FLYNN: "So on all of that , Maria, what the American public deserve, and you’ve been talking about this, you've been talking about this for a long time, you’ve been great about it, is we, America, deserves accountability. We deserve accountability from these bureaucrats and these appointed officials in our government. And I’d like to actually see more account of our legislative branch, our senators and members of the House, but we have people like Swalwell over there that has got this massive problem. While the counterintelligence structure and system and leadership was focused on Mike Flynn and President Donald J. Trump, the counterintelligence effort, they should have been focused on Swalwell. And I will tell you that if there is one smoking bush there with Swalwell, I guarantee there’s others. And so the counterintelligence system in our country that are getting rid of this arrogance that they had under people like McCabe and Strzok, they need to make sure they are really going after the real threats that we have, and that threat against — that we have now learned about Swalwell and, frankly, Hunter Biden and the entire Biden foundation and family, this is dangerous stuff. We are playing with fire right now."

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