AOC: ‘I Wish that We Could Have this Mentality and this Pride that People Have’

‘I’m just trying to catch up to some civilized other societies that actually care for each other’


OCASIO-CORTEZ: “So you're not radical if you believe that that's something that we should have as a modern society. It's not even like we're trying to go to space in the 1960s, right, if I wish that we could have this, like, you know, this mentality and this pride that people have. I wish that the United States is cutting edge and number one in everything, that we do everything in a way that no other country has done before. I'm just trying to catch up to some civilized other societies that  actually care for each other. You know, we're not even trying to be the first to guarantee health care in their country. We're not even trying to say the United States is super ambitious and we should establish the first, you know, guaranteed health care policy in the world. No, we're already behind. We're already behind. And we need to catch up to the rest of the world, and if we want to take pride in leading the pack, then that means we need to lead the pack. And leading the pack means Medicare for All, it means vision, dental, physical, and mental health care that you can go in and not have a problem, walk in and say this is the help that I need, you get a diagnosis, you're able to get that assistance, and when people say oh my gosh, like, you have to think about how people wait in other countries — first of all, many of those claims are very over-exaggerated.” 

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