Noah to Fox News Defending White NY Bar Owner Who Drove over Police: What Happened to Blue Lives Matter?

‘Yo, are you serious right now?’

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NOAH: “Yo, are you serious right now? When black people just walk in the street, Fox calls it a riot. But this white guy drives into a cop, a police officer, an officer of the law! And Fox News is like, "Now, this is a hit-and-run, this is a hit-and-run that Martin Luther King Jr. would have been proud of!” I have one question for you Fox News, what happened to blue lives matter? I guess technically it’s blue lives matter is above black lives matter, but the number one thing is white lives matter. There you have it. This guy declares himself above the law, hosts super-spreader parties at his bar, runs over the police when they try to stop him, and now he’s a Fox News hero.”

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