Clyburn Bashes Lindsey Graham for Warning of ‘Civil War’: He’s Lost His ‘Grip on Reality’

‘This country is not going to allow this kind of activity to take place’

“Senator Lindsey Graham, your senator, said there’s a civil war brewing in the country — promoting what the president is doing,” Berman said. “What’s your message to Lindsey Graham this morning, Congressman?”

“Get a grip,” Clyburn said. “Get a grip. I think he’s lost grip on reality. Yes, there’s a civil war brewing — and it’s just as idiosyncratic as the civil war that we had before. And it just so happens to be brewing in the same part of the country that it broke out in before. And the result would be the same. This country is not going to allow this kind of activity to take place. I think that there are cooler heads prevailing.”

(h/t Mediaite)

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