Jon Ossoff: David Perdue Is Not Here Because He Is Afraid He Might Incriminate Himself in This Debate

‘David Perdue has been getting rich in office’


OSSOFF: “The reason that our country has lagged the entire world at the efficacy of our response to this virus, the reason that we are losing thousands of people per day to this virus is because of the arrogance of politicians like David Perdue, so arrogant that he disregarded public health expertise and so arrogant that he’s not with us here today to answer questions. So if I might, my message for the people of our state at this moment of crisis is, your senator feels entitled to your vote. Your senator is refusing to answer questions and debate his opponent because he believes he shouldn’t have to. He believes this Senate seat belongs to him. The Senate seat belongs to the people. With early voting beginning December 14th, I want to urge everybody to make a plan to vote. David Perdue has been getting rich in office. And instead of taking public health expertise and guidance from the CDC and getting that to the people and implementing a policy, he was buying up shares in manufacturers of vaccines and medical equipment, and he’s not here because he’s afraid he may incriminate himself in this debate."

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