Uyghur Leader: We’re Worried About a Biden Administration

‘We’re actually quite worried’


HUDAYAR: "We're actually quite worried, I'll be honest with you. Prior to the setting up of these concentration camps in 2016 and 2017, the Chinese government claimed that it was fighting against terrorism, and this was part of the excuse for why they have millions of people in concentration camps, in these forced labor camps, is to 'fight against extremism and terrorism.' And because of this, at that time, Antony Blinken stated that China was doing the right thing and that the U.S. supported China's efforts to fight against terrorism and that they would seek to try to cooperate with them, and this worries us because if this is the type of — if this is going to be the next Secretary of State, things are going to go — there are going to be a lot of backpedaling and this is what we fear. It took us years to just get the international community’s attention about these atrocities. Three years ago nobody knew who Uyghurs were.”

(h/t The Federalist)

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