Jason Rantz: It Has Become a Sport to Attack Police Officers in Seattle

‘We don’t have enough police officers to keep the city safe’


RANTZ: “Yeah, it was a caseworker working with someone homeless living in this apartment complex. It used to be living on the streets and apparently dealing with some kind of mental issue. He walked into the apartment complex armed with a hunting knife. He stabbed her to death when the police showed up, she had a hunting knife sticking out of her back. She was dead. This was happening as the council was debating how much more they were going to cut the Seattle police department’s budget for 2021. So they finally settled on 18%. This is a time where the lowest number of deployable police officers in the city of Seattle since 1990. We have seen as a result a surge in crime and not just low-level petty crimes, which is on the increase, but we are talking about homicides. We are talking about stabbings. One of the stabbings the other day was some guy walking downtown Seattle and got stabbed in the neck. Thankfully, he’s going to be okay. But the guy who stabbed him in the neck, a repeat offender. So we have bad guys, criminals walking around and not getting punished. We don’t have enough police officers to keep the city safe.”

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