Katie Couric to Ted Cruz: Do You Have ‘Any Empathy’ for Immigrants?

‘I know your mother is a U.S. citizen, was a U.S. citizen when you were born, but people seem to have a problem with that’

Katie Couric to Ted Cruz: Do You Have 'Any Empathy' for Immigrants? (NewsBusters)

Katie Couric conducted a condescending interview on Yahoo with Ted Cruz, asking the Republican if he has "any empathy" for immigrants as he opposes Barack Obama. The presidential candidate also zinged the liberal journalist, reminding her that it was Hillary Clinton who first started the birther campaign. 

After insisting to Cruz, "you've worked to block every legislative action to allow undocumented immigrants to remain legally," Couric lectured, "So, given the fact that your father immigrated here from Cuba, do you have any empathy for people who come here looking for a better way of life?"  

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