Jake Tapper Buries Trump Team’s ‘Literally Insane’ Election Attacks

‘We just heard last night a resounding dismissal with prejudice of a Trump lawsuit’


TAPPER: “Tomorrow, we expect Pennsylvania and Michigan will certify their election results. If you focus only on the states where the Trump team has been filing legal challenges and contesting the results, that means tomorrow, Joe Biden will again definitely and officially secure enough electoral votes to be president. According to the state certification process this time. Georgia was Friday, Michigan and Pennsylvania tomorrow. That’s it. That’s the ball game. 270 electoral votes. Biden will not even need Nevada or Arizona or Wisconsin. Emily Murphy’s legacy will be written in stone tomorrow in all likelihood. What will that legacy be? And how many more of you watching this here in Washington, D.C. Are willing to have your legacies be that you played a role in what will inevitably be recorded by history as a clownish, failed.”

(Via Mediaite)

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