Dr. Moncef Slaoui: We Expect the First Person to Receieve the COVID Vaccine Will Be ‘on 11th or 12th of December’

‘Our plan is to be able to ship vaccines to the immunization sites within 24 hours of approval’

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TAPPER: “Now looking at Pfizer’s vaccine for emergency use approval. Joining us now is the chief scientific adviser for operation warp speed Dr. Moncef Slaoui. Thank you for what you’ve within doing for the country and the world, doctor, over the last year.”

SLAOUI: “Thank you.”

TAPPER: “Pfizer submitted its emergency authorization use for the FDA on Friday and a committee is slated to meet December 10th. This appears to be an extraordinary achievement. When do you expect the first person will be vaccinated?”

SLAOUI: “Well, our plan is to be able to ship vaccines to the immunization sites within 24 hours of approval so I expect maybe on day two off the approval on the 11th or the 12th of December. Hopefully, the first people to be immunized across the United States, all all states in all of the areas where the state departments will have told us where to deliver the vaccines.”

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