Bernie Sanders: ‘We Have Got to Eliminate and End the Electoral College’

‘Turns out that Joe Biden will end up receiving some 6 million more votes than Donald Trump’


SANDERS: “But we have got to ask ourselves a whole lot of questions when we think back about where we are right now, and most importantly, I think is how do we do everything possible to make sure that we become a vibrant democracy, that we do exactly the opposite of what Trump and his authoritarian friends want to do. And clearly, some of the answers are that we have got to eliminate and end the electoral college. Turns out that Joe Biden will end up receiving some six million more votes than Donald Trump. That's a lot of votes. And yet, if it weren't for a couple of hundred thousand voters in Pennsylvania, in Wisconsin, in Michigan, in Nevada and Arizona, Trump would have won the presidency. That does not make any sense. If we believe in one person, one vote, we cannot continue a situation where a few hundred thousand votes in five or six states can determine who the next president is. Second of all, we need to get rid of this terrible Supreme Court decision on Citizens United. Hasn't been a whole lot of discussion about it recently, but the truth is that billionaires in both political parties, both parties, contributed hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of millions of dollars into the political process. And that's just not good.”

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