Gingrich: Voting Irregularities in Georgia Stem from Its Sec. Of State Who’s in the Pocket of Stacey Abrams

‘With all the deal that the Secretary of State cut with Stacey Abrams back in the Spring’


GINGRICH: "Well, I think to start with the fact that you have a secretary of state who is totally in the pocket of Stacey Abrams, who has agreed to some rules that are crazy so that, for example, you can’t go back out and re-validate absentee ballots. In 2018, they had a 3.5 percent rejection rate on absentee ballots. With four times as many ballots this year, it's .3? They had over ten times as many ballots rejected, a difference of about 39,000. That's all the deal that the secretary of state cut with Stacey Abrams back in the spring. You go through item after item, it tells you the difference between the two parties. She’s not worried about buying TV ads, she's worried about mobilizing 600,000 voters without any regard to what the campaign is like. And unless the Republicans fix the flawed election system, they stand a very real chance of losing the election even if they win the campaign because the Democrats will simply manufacture as many votes as they need.”

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