Schumer: Sen. McConnell Is the ‘Dr. No’ of the Covid Relief Bill

‘McConnell is holding it all up’


SCHUMER: “So, the bottom line is very simple. We need a large, strong COVID bill to deal with our problems. We have heard for months, every time we get close to a deal, Senator McConnell says no. He has become the Dr. No of COVID, just like he has been the Dr. No of all the bills over the last several years. But with President Trump tweeting, that is a push directed to Senator McConnell to get a bill done. So Senator Gillibrand and I are here today to say to Leader McConnell, get a bill done, work with us. There are lots of different needs that we have. Mr. Leader McConnell, come to terms with the mandate of this election. Joe Biden campaigned on strong COVID relief, he won. That's what the American people want, not just here in New York but across the country. He got more votes than any other, and one of the main reasons, there were a bunch, was that he was for strong COVID relief.”

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