MSNBC’s Greer: The Million MAGA March and Blue Lives Matter Are Knock-Offs of Powerful Black Movements

‘It’s quite a frightening moment’


GREER: “Right. I think the response from the president is resounding. The fact that he refuses to condemn them and has continuously refused to condemn them. It’s really concerning because if you listen to some of the chants that they were saying about there needs to be bloodshed, this is our country, we will fight to the death, this is our new Civil War, all they need is for the president to continue to encourage them. The police to continue to support them and treat them as though they’re the victims. Obviously it wasn’t a huge success, I find it so interesting that the blue lives matter movement and the million MAGA March are sort of weak knock-offs of really powerful black movements. It’s like, get your own, even, language before you begin. It’s concerning especially since we know there have been several reports about the infiltration of white supremacists in police departments across the country. As we see these people somewhat galvanized but also sometimes supported by police officers who refuse to use the same tactics they consistently use against innocent black protesters or black lives matter protesters. So it’s quite a frightening moment and I do know that the next 66 days will be very interesting for our country as we move forward in our peaceful transition.”

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