MSNBC: 79% People Believe that Biden Won and Only 3% Believe Donald Trump Won

‘Only a small amount actually thought there were any concerns’


SCARBOROUGH: "I’m sorry. Jim was breaking up. We’ll get back to Jim, and, of course, underlining the fact that what he was saying before his audio broke up that the Obama administration has said repeatedly that the Bush administration worked with them as closely as possible and it was a smooth and seamless transition and made a big difference in starting the economic recovery. Errin, it’s interesting. There’s, a Reuters poll that was out yesterday that survey how Americans felt about the election process and the overwhelming majority of Americans told Reuters that they believed that Joe Biden was the president of the United States, only a small amount actually thought there were any concerns, which actually public sentiment lines up with that 'New York Times' reporting where 79 percent believe that Biden won and only 3 percent believe Donald Trump won."

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