NBC’s Alexander on Trump’s Tweets: ‘They’re Not Finding Biden Votes All over the Place, They Are Counting’

‘They are counting Biden votes and Trump votes in many parts of the country’


ALEXANDER: “Yeah, you know, Andrea, in fact we heard from the president within the last 20 minutes or so on Twitter, I'll read what he just wrote. He said 'They are finding Biden votes all over the place in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Michigan.' He says, 'So bad for our country.' To be clear, they’re not finding Biden votes all over the place, particularly not in those states, they are counting Biden votes and Trump votes in many parts of the country right now, including those states, as they try to tally up the conclusive numbers from those locations right now. So that’s just one of what’s been a series of sort of points of disinformation from the president as it relates to what he said at 2:30 in the morning in those remarks, again, prematurely and falsely declaring victory. This morning, Twitter flagged him with one of those warning labels calling the content of one of his tweets misleading and disputed when he said, among other things, about the numbers that he’s seeing right now, he said that his numbers, his lead was, quote, 'magically disappearing', as he described it, saying surprise ballot dumps were being counted. Again, there is no evidence of anything fraudulent taking place at this time, no surprise ballot dumps as the president likes to describe it.”

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