Gov. Whitmer: When Trump Won Michigan in 2016, It Was by Less than 11,000 Votes

‘We know that the Trump virus response has meant that 230,000 Americans have lost their lives’


WHITMER: “Well, a lot of the growth that we have seen in new voters are coming from our urban centers. I think that’s really exciting. Also younger voters as well. You know, when Donald Trump won Michigan in 2016, it was by less than 11,000 votes. And just two years later I won by more than 400,000 votes. I think Michiganders are good, hardworking people, they expect their government to be as good, if not better, and even more hardworking than we are. We know that Covid-19 is the dinner table issue of 2020. We know that the Trump virus response has meant that 230,000 Americans have lost their lives, tens of millions are unemployed or have been unemployed at some point during this pandemic. People are in food lines who never imagined that they would have to be. And so this is the dinner table issue of this moment. That’s why these closing arguments where you have Trump rallies that are chanting things like 'Lock her up' or 'Fire Fauci' or something about LeBron James contrast in such stark difference to the Biden campaigns where it is about unity, about an American president who is a president for all people whether not just the people who agree with him. And I think that’s — this is a moment where we need a president who can bring us together, get our arms around Covid-19, get us back to work, our kids safely back in school. It’s going to take a real change in leadership and that’s what Joe Biden offers.”

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