Scarborough: ‘Most Americans Would Agree this Election Is Between a Good Man and a Bad Man’

‘I feel comfortable saying that Donald Trump is a bad man’


SCARBOROUGH: “I actually saw the video and it’s interesting, you can look at that video and I think most Americans would agree that this election is between a good man and a bad man.”
SCARBOROUGH: “And I — I -- I feel comfortable saying that Donald Trump is a bad man, Jon Meacham, because like you, I live in a very, very red area. You and I -- 90 percent of the people that we see every day, are voting for Donald Trump; 90 percent of the people that we pass on the road every day are voting for Donald Trump. And I have been politely and lovingly talking to my friends and my neighbors and my relatives and my loved ones asking why and they all say Donald Trump is a terrible man. He is a horrible example, not only to this country, a terrible example for our children. I would not want the man over at my house, but — and then they start explaining their justification for a vote for this terrible man as they call him and it’s either that Joe Biden is too old, and he’s going to be run — his administration will be run by a secret cabal of socialists or communists or I saw something on Facebook that says that — and then they go into extraordinarily disturbing theories. Some will just be blunt enough to say it’s about regulations. I think that Joe Biden will increase regulations on this country or my favorite, Joe Biden is not all mentally there. I mean, have they seen Donald Trump over the past four years?"

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