Tim Murtaugh: Hunter Biden Was Doing a World Tour Selling Access to His Father While He Was VP

‘Hunter Biden was selling access to his father’


MURTAUGH: “So I think what he will have to answer is, why did he let his son run around the world selling access to him when he was vice president of the United States? Hunter Biden was selling access to his father. And it’s not just China, it's Ukraine, it's Russia, it's Romania, Kazakhstan. Hunter Biden was doing a world tour selling access to his father while he was the vice president of the United States. It is impossible for anyone to believe that Joe Biden didn’t know that all of that was going on for years to the tune of millions of dollars, millions of dollars. And another one of his e-mails has Hunter in there talking and saying, 'I have to split half of my income with my father.' So what is that all about? There are no good answers to these questions and no wonder Joe Biden is taking five out of the last six days off leading up to this debate on Thursday night.”

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