‘We’ll See’: Pelosi Dodges Question About Democrats Having ‘Arrows In Our Quiver’ To Block Barrett Confirmation

‘I don’t want to have to be sweeping up after this dumpings of this elephant as we go into a new presidency in a few short months’

STEPHANOPOULOS: "Last time we spoke, you said Democrats had arrows in their quivers to block this nomination. She seems on a path of confirmation right now. Is this a done deal? Or is there still something democrats can do to stop it?"
PELOSI: "Well see. I’m not in the Senate. I talk about how we can win the election. We have to off set whatever this court may do. And the house, the Congress of the United States can overturn these bad decisions. For example the court, on the census, the census is a disagreement we have. This is very important, who we are as a nation, and the court just agreed with the president to stop the census.”

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