Amanpour: Americans’ ‘Lack of Reverence’ for ‘Facts and Science’ Hurting Covid Response

‘These professionals who are giving their best advice are being disrespected by very large part of society’

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KING: "When people in your program ask about the response in the United States, what comes up the most?"
AMANPOUR: "I think what comes up the most is this lack of reverence or lack of respect for facts and for science. Lack of respect for doctors and nurses who up until now have been held up as the most respected professions. Wherever you go people want to be a doctor or nurse or teacher. They want to be a scientist, but yet, these professionals who are giving their best advice are being disrespected by very large part of society, and that’s something that in most parts of Europe, most parts of the world including places like Vietnam and South Korea and other places, Asia has this under control. They have respected the science and they have respected those professionals. People can’t understand why masks have become in England as well, in the uk, which has its own populous problem here, have become such a bone of political contention. And the notion that the united States and Britain believe themselves to be exceptional nations has also backfired in the view of a lot of people around the world. That it can’t happen to us. We can’t be in such a terrible situation. It will magically go away. Well, we’ve seen that it takes actual action to make it go away."

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