Activist: We Must Pack the Court So SCOTUS ‘Lets the Next Administration’ Impose Climate, Gun Laws

‘The only way to balance the court is to expand it’


BELKIN: “Well, the key is to get a court that will get the job done. And by getting the job done, that means that we have a court that is not going to be willing to let the next administration restore democracy. For example, by banning voter suppression. We just had a story about people waiting in line four hours. That's not supposed to happen in a democracy. We have a court that will not let the next administration deal with policy emergencies like climate change or gun safety, 30,000 gun deaths a year. And so to get a court that will allow the next administration to confront the problems that we face, and particularly to restore democracy, the only solution to that problem is to expand the court. Because this court has been packed. You can see it now that Republicans are rushing through a nomination, while people are voting, days before an election. That’s not a democratic process. That’s not how to get a balanced court. The only way to balance the court is to expand it.”

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