Rudy Giuliani: Hunter Biden Is a Drug Addicted Bagman for His Father; There’s Enough Evidence for Conviction

‘Hunter Biden brought the hard drive in to be repaired about a year and a half ago, he left it with the merchant’


GIULIANI: “I put out a text message last night that reads as follows, it is from Hunter Biden to his daughter at a moment of frustration, towards the end whole the whole cycle, he says no one in the family respects me, despite the fact that I been supporting the family for 30 years in pop requires me too kick back half of his income to him, that explains the rico case that I’ve been talking about for a year, 30 years the biden family sells bidens public office, they keep the money with hunter or Jim or sarah, they take care of all of Joe’s expenses and they kick backpack to Joe, quite typical chinese corruption arrangement which is outlined in peter shriver’s book, the chinese used a lot and that’s probably where they learned it. Basically Hunter Biden is a drug addicted bagman for his father. Very simple the corruption cases cases.“

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