Steele: ‘The President Has Been Briefed on QAnon, But the Core Point for Trump Is that They Like Him’

‘And they push out whatever he’s saying and whatever he wants out in the ether’


STEELE: "As the song goes, if you don’t know, now you know. And the truth of it is, he does know. The president has been briefed on QAnon. But -- but the core point for Trump is that they like him. They admire him. And they push out whatever he’s saying and whatever he wants out in the ether. So this — he doesn’t get into the minutia of what they’re doing. He’s not into all the other stuff beyond what he knows about the pedophile part of — their anti-pedophile position. For him, they’re a group that like him, that’s why he retweets them. And to Savannah’s point, you’re the president of the United States. These things matter when you say them, when you tweet them out. You can’t just randomly tweet something out with no understanding of what it says to the country when you tweet it out. So when you tweet out QAnon stupid, people think, oh, okay, that’s a legitimate thing. So, you know, no matter how you cut at this, Andrea, he’s not -- he's not going to get into the space where he can be perceived to have been wrong in doing so. The guy who retweets is full of retweets on something like this."

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