Biden Claims Trump Did ‘Nothing’ for Small Business, Ignoring $670 Billion PPP Program

‘They have done nothing to help small businesses, nothing, they’re closing’

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden said on the debate stage Tuesday night that President Trump has "done nothing" for small businesses during the coronavirus pandemic.

In March, Trump signed the $2.2 trillion CARES Act, which included the Paycheck Protection Program that issued forgivable loans to millions of businesses with under 500 employees. Trump also signed another round of funding for PPP.

"They have done nothing to help small businesses, nothing, they're closing — one in six is now gone," Biden said. "He ought to get on the job and take care of the needs of the American people."

Trump tried to respond, and moderator Chris Wallace said, "Well, you both had two minutes, sir."

Trump said that most people want to see the economy reopen safely.

"I look at New York, it's so sad what's happening in New York," the president said. "It's almost like a ghost town, and I'm not sure it can ever recover, what they've done in New York. People want their places open. They want to get back to their lives. They'll be careful, but they want the schools open."

So far, the Paycheck Protection Program has issued roughly $670 billion worth of loans to almost 5 million businesses, according to the Small Business Administration. 

(h/t Just the News)

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