AOC: ‘We Have to Stop Asking If White Supremacy in Policing Exists’ and Start Figuring out ‘How We Can Better Determine the Scale of This Problem’

‘We have to stop asking if white supremacy in policing exists’


OCASIO-CORTEZ: “And I want to make very clear that when we talk about systemic racism, we aren't litigating the individual attitudes of any one officer. We can all exist in racist systems and you do not have to be racist or consciously racist in order to participate in these systems. And I think it's quite evident when you look at the outcome of the war on drugs, systemic racism is about the laws that are on the books, it is about the types of enforcement that happens, it's about how many officers get designated to some communities more than others, that yields racial disparities in their outcomes, it doesn't have to do with litigating each and every one individual officer. And that is really the issue that is at play. One of the things that I wanted to discuss is we have to stop asking about how if white supremacy in policing exists, and I think we need to start figuring out how we can better determine the scale of this problem, how big is this issue.”

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