Anderson Cooper on Trump’s Tax Losses: ‘A Really Bad Businessman, He Doesn’t Have the Midas Touch’

‘Donald Trump told Sean Hannity, if you don’t make a lot, you should have to pay something’


COOPER: “Believe me he says. You can’t just go around just giving the treasury money. They will only squander it. Tell that to the man that claims to have written the 2011 book, “Time to get tough.” He believes everyone should pay and I’m quoting from Donald Trump’s alleged own book, pages 54 and 55, if you have a copy handy in your home, half of America doesn’t even pay a single penny in federal income taxes. They may shock you but it’s true. That same year on that same subject, alleged author Donald Trump told Sean Hannity, if you don’t make a lot, you should have to pay something, just something to be part of the game. So a self-proclaimed multi billionaire says the lowest earning Americans should pay some income tax and he’s boasting he’s smart for not paying any.”

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