Bernard Kerik: Nobody Talks About Kamala Harris Getting People To Donate To Fund Bailing Rioters Involved in Arson and Murder

‘I know how to do it, I know it can get done’

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KERIK: "No, it’s not good, Sean. Nobody is talking about Kamala Harris purposefully, intentionally getting people to donate money to a fund that bails out rioters that were involved in arson and murder."

HANNITY: "This was in Minneapolis."

KERIK: "In Minneapolis. Nobody is talking about Joe Biden having 13 or 14 of his staff members bailing people out of jail for attacking cops. And I want to touch on Charles Barkley for one second, Sean. Charles Barkley was attacked because he told the truth. And Charles Barkley, I can take his argument one step further. You know who doesn’t want us to defund the police? The real leadership in the black communities.”

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