Charlie Sykes Laments that Conservatism Is No Longer Defined by ‘Frederick Hayek’

‘...and today it’s defined by Donald Trump and Sean Hannity and Seb Gorka’


SYKES:"Look, you need to make a distinction between conservative ideas and the insights of people like Frederick Hayek versus the conservative movement and what’s happened under Donald Trump where it has become dumber, meaner, more tribal and more extreme. Look, a lot of us thought that the conservative movement was defined by people like George Will and Charles Krauthammer and William F. Buckley and Frederick Hayek, and today it’s defined by Donald Trump and Sean Hannity and Seb Gorka. So there's a lot of reconstruction to do here. And I agree, it’s going to be very difficult to figure out what exactly is conservatism about, as opposed to just simply being reactionary to what the Democrats are going to do. And I completely agree with Jay that at least on the surface the Republicans will look more united after this election because they will be against whatever the Democrats do. This is what they do best. But, Joe, you just ran through a series of things that conservatives used to believe reflexively. You know, small government, limited government, character matters, fiscal responsibility, American greatness based on American leadership and exceptionalism and all of those things have been scrapped.”

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