Hillary Supporter: ‘No Democrat Has Broken 40%’ in Iowa Unless an Incumbent or a VP

‘I think expectations need to be tamped down here’

INSKEEP: “A bit of history comes to mind. In 1992, Pat Buchanan challenged the first President Bush, never got anywhere close to him as I recall in the primaries, but he was getting votes —“[crosstalk]
KARL: “In New Hampshire he got like —“
INSKEEP: ‘—31 percent. Exactly, so it’s like, wow, he got a third of the vote. He was crushed in that primary, but nevertheless it was seen as a sign of weakness for President Bush. And so, the risk for Hillary Clinton is she is seen as weak.”
CARDONA:” But let’s also remember no Democrat has broken 40 percent in Iowa unless you are from there or unless you are an incumbent or VP. So, again, I think expectations need to be tamped down here.”

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