Rove: Jeb Has to Show ‘He’s Got the Chops’ to Beat Hillary

‘He’s got to be able to show that he’s got the chops to be the candidate who can beat Hillary Clinton’

ROVE: "First of all, nobody should expect someone to break away in the polls. If you look at the last nine Republican presidential primary contests going back to 1964, they take two different shapes. In four of them, somebody led by double digits at this point, and in five of them someone led by single digits. We’re in the single digit territory and we’ll remain in the single digit territory throughout I think a lot of this contest until people actually start going to vote. But if you look underneath the surface, there’s a brand new Wall Street Journal/NBC poll out. If you take a look at the people who say I can see myself voting for that person, five people have done well since this question began to be asked in March. Jeb Bush has gone up 26 points from 49 percent saying they could support him to 75. Marco Rubio has gone from 56 to 24. Mike Huckabee from 52 to 65. Carly Fiorina from 18 to 31. And Ted Cruz from 40 to 51. Those are the five winners among the 16 people who were in the poll. So obviously something is going on underneath there. And I think that clip captured it for Jeb Bush. He has got to show people that first of all, has to earn this. He went on to say, I have to earn it, and second of all, he’s got to lay out a concrete, optimistic, conservative agenda, demonstrate he’s willing to go in places Republicans don’t normally go, and he’s got to be able to show that he’s got the chops to be the candidate who can beat Hillary Clinton.”

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