MSNBC Melber on Breonna Taylor: We’re Not Encouraging Violence

‘Having said that, viewers I think understand and we care about this, why there’s so much attention and discussion and pressure on this process’


MELBER: “Number two, I just want to add some context here. We do respect the rule of law. As a citizen of the United States, which I am, as a legal journalist, this is a legal process, obviously it must be respected. That’s our democracy. No one is, on this channel, on this station, discussing advocating violence or anything else in response to the grand jury decision. Having said that, Ayman, viewers I think understand, and we care about this, why there is so much attention and discussion and pressure on this process, whether it’s people like LeBron James talking about Breonna Taylor, or other activists or other people who have a platform, some of whom happen to be minorities, some of whom aren’t. The reason is the widespread evidence of the failure of the justice system to work when police kill black and brown people in America, that is why there is such an outcry. That doesn’t mean, of course, that any individual case is put up to a public vote. We have rule of law, we have a justice system.” 

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