Eddie Glaude: Biden ‘Needs to Invest More in the Latino Community’

‘Those numbers in Florida raise some questions for me’


GLAUDE JR: "Yeah. Good morning, Willie. Good morning, everyone. I think he’s in good position. I think it’s important for them not to get too confident. We do know that it will continue, I think, to tighten in certain ways. But I think Vice President Biden needs to in some ways invest more in the Latino community. Those numbers in Florida raise some questions for me. It kind of threw me back into the 2016 moment, I guess, Joe, with Hillary Clinton in Milwaukee and some other places. But I think he’s in good stead. I’m always worried now, in the context of the pandemic, Willie, what do we make of the ground game? How will it look? What does the turnout look like? How does the ground game make itself known in this context? But he’s in good position, and I think that’s a good thing, to not say anything worth saying, but he's in a good position."

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