Gov. Haley Tearfully Mourns the Cut in South Carolina’s ‘Heart and Soul’

‘We love our state, we love our country and we love each other’


"Thank you. I want to thank the mayor for -- he always had great leadership but during times of struggle he steps up even more, continues to make us proud and I continue to appreciate your friendship and partnership. I want to personally thank bishop north with the church family.

I spoke with him this morning and even though he is in recovery he is very much in prayer and leadership and the fact that he has as the we on come together for prayer vigil today for people to see all of us do that but we will cut today in the heart and soul of south Carolina. We have some pain we have to go through. Parents have to explain to their kids how they can go to church and feel safe and it is not something we would never deal with. Having said that, we are strong people. We love our state, we love our country and we love each other.

There is a lot of prayer in this state. They need us. These families need S. The manual church needs S. The church family needs us and the people of South Carolina need us to come together and strong. I want you to know of the outpouring of emotion from across this country has been overwhelming.

From presidential candidates to citizens who travel through the state to any person in any walk of life, every single person has had to for their feet in issues of one of those families and they all know what that felt like. With that, where do we go from here. We allow ourselves to brief, we allow ourselves to pray, we allow ourselves to question how this happened friend the healing process will start. We are so thankful to achieve mullen and his team at law-enforcement, FBI, everybody did king together. I have never seen when we were going to be command center such compassion and personal willingness to want to make sure they brought this person home.

I want to personally thank the law enforcement community because you have allowed us to start healing. We can now tell our children that person is in custody and not only lift up our law-enforcement communities but thank them and give some credit they deserve and the courage they deserve but I want to remind everybody, we have stepped up in a way that makes me proud. We are seeing love, prayers, support and humility and for that I want to tell you I am thankful. We will continue to stand up for all the people and leaders you see behind us are willing to do anything and everything for the families and the church. For that I will tell you it is a very sad day in South Carolina but it is a day we will get through, the we will remember. Thank you."

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